The Plot

The Plot


Рецензия на книгу The Plot. Johnson Slick mouse Slade is kidnapped along with his wife, Jenifer keys Slade and daughter Amber Slade. Ex-marine and ex-CIA officer Capt. He escapes from his life sentence and along the way, he takes a blacklisted journalist (Eve Ashley) hostage. The hostage situation with time complicates into a concoction of feelings of hatred, desire and finally, love. The wife and daughter are ransomed for a risky job which he accomplishes only to find them butchered into pieces and hes framed for it. Haunted by their pasts, hunted by the Feds, and driven by vengeance, how far will they go to unravel the mystery of the organization behind the conspiracy that shoved hell upon them.

Попова С. (пер.) Лондон

Аудиокниги 1С-Паблишинг 1С:Аудиотеатр. Гоголь Н.В. Мертвые души

Ярослава Лазарева Дар оборотня (сборник)


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